Our Mission

Connecting more and more farmers together to bulk purchase of farm inputs directly from industries and sale their produce directly to consumer to achieving maximum profit for the farmers.

What we do

  • Contract farming
  • Bulk purchase of farm input like pesticide, fungicide, fertilizer etc. directly from industry
  • Marketing of vegetable and fruits directly to consumer
  • Provide Facility of pack house, cold storage to our members
  • Export of farm produce
  • Import of technologies

Exports & Trade Of Farm Yield

We gather prerequisites and lab reports of farm yield and explore our trade connects worldwide in order to get maximum returns for farm yield. Till date we have exported more than 9000 metric tonnes of farm produce and made possible to gain maximum returns to our farmers. We assure and maintain to see that our farmers get more and more out of worldwide exports.

Coordination Process

We make contracts with our farmers to Produce Residue Free Yield in order to pass in International Exports Eligibility Criteria. We work with all team members to define the logistical requirements for the export process, such as areas for deliveries, areas of maximum requirements and hours of operation. 

All types Of Farm Produce


As we have thousands of hectors plantation of Pomegranate and Farmers in India have now expertized in this Crop we get handsome rates in Middle East and Europe Market.


With all types we also export and trade Grape production so as to promote more and more Grape Orchards.


As India is a Major Producer on wide variety of Vegetables we find ample quantities to trade and eport worldwide.

All types Of Farm Produce

We also make sure that every type of farm produce must get maximum returns to farmers in India.