Mr.Pramod Deshmukh is associated with agroindustry since 1991. His work is remarkable in Pomegranate and Grape Farming. Being in touch with experts in various fields he has been doing several experiments in farming;And for this he goes through variety of informative articles and trainings. His primary focus is to make sure how advanced technology reaches to farmers and subsequentlyhow to attain natural balance and bio diversitythrough it. To make sure all this knowledge reaches to the farmers Mr.Pramod Deshmukh has started “Paris Agro Consultancy”; which ensures that farmer’s production price is reduced,and quality and ability to yield the crop is increased; thus crop becomes exportable and without any pesticides. The consultancy gives farmers entire training and guidance about Pomegranate and Grape’s production from implantation to export.


All the farmers who come into contact with Paris Consultancy are satisfied, as Mr.Deshmukh himself goes to the Farm and gives guidance to the farmers; He also organises various workshops and provides the farmers information about the latest technology. Mr.Pramod deshmukh has himself developed a technique for pomegranate farming by performing various experiments in hiswork span. The technique implements different methods for planting, cutting, soil, management of pesticides and fertilisers and different methods of using bacteria. This enables farmers to yield export quality pomegranate produce and onthe large scale. By using this technique Paris consultancy is getting the satisfaction of upgrading the lifestyle of many farmers in Maharashtra and other states. By using this technique farmers get exportable crop in the first yield itself.

Pomegranate Future

Nowadays, Pomegranate is considered very useful for health. Many incurable diseases are being cured using pomegranate’s rind, seeds, granules and juice. For this very reason Pomegranate’s demand is increased worldwide on the large scale. But because of inaccurate technology, there is a huge difference in its demand and supply. However, now as a result of Paris’s advanced and standard technology farmer is able to produce Pomegranate on the large scale and fulfil the worldwide demand of Pomegranate.

Therefore, Paris has its slogan, Everyone who comes into contact becomes as prosperous and valuable as gold….